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Easy Steam Oven Lemon Curd

When you have a steam oven, tricky or time consuming tasks are often eliminated. This recipe for Lemon Curd is a prime example. No more double boiler and constant stirring. This is easy and delicious so you can make the most of the abundance of lemons

Place all ingredients in a steam oven proof bowl or jug and cover with tinfoil,  or if you can, seal in a vacuum sealed bag.
Steam at 85c for 45 minutes.
Blend with stick blender, or if you have used a vacuum bag, massage the bag for several minutes to emulsify the contents (this will be hot so use a teatowel)
Pour into sterilised jar and refrigerate.

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Juice and finely grated rind from 4 juicy lemons
5 egg yolks
150gm butter, melted
1cup caster sugar