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Rolled Omelette in a Steam Oven

This is  such a simple recipe resulting in an “egg roll” type omelette which is silky and light . Any variety of fillings can be added. The key to making this so easy is to fully line your tin with baking paper which will be used to help roll the omelette when it is cooked.

I used a 27x 39cm (10x 16 inches)  swiss roll tin . If you use a larger or smaller tin, increase or reduce the number of eggs used.

Line your tin with a single piece of baking paper making sure it extends over both short ends and up the sides.
In a bowl or jug beat the eggs cream and salt well.
Pour egg mixture into lined tin.
Place in cold oven  and Steam at 100C for 6 minutes after oven has come to temperature .
When cooked (the omelette may look a little “wrinkled” Do  not worry about this). Sprinke with toppings of your choice and return to oven for 2-3 minutes 100C Steam.
Remove from oven .
Using the baking paper to assist, roll the omelette into a log shape. Cut and serve.

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6 eggs
4T cream (or milk or water)
pinch salt

Fillings as desired:
Some options are:

Grated cheese
Sliced cherry tomatoes
thinly sliced chives or spring onions
thinly sliced cooked mushrooms
ham or cooked diced bacon