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Why Choose an Induction Cooktop

Induction has the power to revolutionise your cooking experience both with precision control, speed, easy cleaning, accuracy and wide range of temperatures in addition to looking modern and contemporary. 

Induction hobs are known for being the fastest cooktop available (Consumer NZ – 1 litre of water boiled 3 x faster than gas and radiant-ceramic) but speed is not the only advantage. 

Induction is more efficient than traditional methods of stovetop cooking with up to 90 % of the energy produced, channelled into the saucepan only, as the pan heats up directly rather than the heating element. This generates less residual heat, therefore minimises energy consumption by using less energy. 

Since only the iron pan heats up and heat is transferred directly to the cookware a hot element is never exposed, preventing risks of fire hazards and burns. If the hob is turned on accidentally, nothing will happen unless a pan is in direct contact and the hob is switched on. Child locks are standard in most models in addition to an automatic overheat and overflow switch off, which are great safety features. 

Induction offers super precise temperature control as when the induction hob is turned off heat transfer stops immediately, so less chance of over boiling spills and overcooking. There are wider temperature increments allowing not only for speed but better performance at very low settings which is perfect for delicate sauces or melting chocolate directly into a pot. As they are highly responsive, when the temperature is adjusted, change happens immediately. 

Ease of cleaning
This is where the induction reigns supreme over other cook tops. Any spills or splatters won’t burn on the cooktop and can be immediately wiped up with a cloth. 

Additional advantages
As the unused surface of the induction hob remains cool, this space can be used for additional preparation space – for resting a cooking book, wooden chopping board etc.
In many models, individual zoned cooking timers gives you the ability to set the duration for separate cooking zones which switch off automatically or use the minute minder.